TCI EXPO ’22 Women In Tree Care – Symposium

Join fellow women in tree care for an engaging, jam-packed day to keep you operating at your best while sharing tips on how to inspire the next generation of women in tree care.

Women in all roles of tree care are invited, whether they’re a climber, plant health care specialist, or work in office management, human resources, or as the CEO.

The Symposium will focus on four key foundational areas, including building and supporting healthy teams, improving customer service, developing a solid workforce, and the principles of healthy living. It also offers an opportunity to discuss how women can help each other and support the growth, diversity, and equity of the industry.

Jennifer McPhee, co-owner of Harrison McPhee Inc. will be the facilitator for the event.

The day features presentations, group discussions, networking opportunities, and a tour of the R.A. Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories and Experimental Grounds.

Topic Highlights:

  • How to build teams that thrive
  • Onboarding opportunities to increase employee retention
  • Improve your Vitality Decade Over Decade
  • Practical Tips to Strengthen Your Company’s Brand

Speakers include:

  • Neal Glatt, managing partner and co-founder of GrowTheBench
  • Sarah Lillie Sewell, founder, and chief executive officer of Lillie Leaf Solutions
  • Wendie Trubow, principal at Five Journey’s, an integrative medicine facility
  • Tracey Miller, Content Manager, Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA)

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