Mission: Build a strong network that facilitates mentorship, education, and support for women and gender minorities, furthering their presence and advancement in the tree care industry.

Core Values:

Inclusive: We are an inclusive network, focused on gender minorities and partnering with supporters and advocates regardless of gender.

Positive Intent: We work with positive intent, approaching our mission with open minds and forward-looking expectations.

Solution Focused: We are solution-focused, allowing our progress to move forward with clear goals, relevant actions, and measured success.

The goal of this Women in Tree Care website is to establish connections and foster discussions and growth focused on women in the tree care industry.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the history:
At TCI EXPO 2017, there was a Women in Tree Care Forum – The speakers and facilitators were fantastic, the engagement was dynamic, and there was a lot of passion to keep the momentum going. Additionally, a group of women gathered at WMC to continue the discussion and brainstorm about what we can do with this idea. The general consensus was … build a community!

And so it began – building a community, one step at a time. It began with a grassroots effort that will continue to enhance and evolve with time – perhaps through the creation of local events, education, mentoring, committees, etc.

We are a group of passionate women in the tree care industry and let’s see what we can do with our community! Stay tuned as we build more, but here are some suggestions for getting involved:

  • Share links to relevant stories or articles that may educate, inspire or engage.
  • Join our ‘Women in Tree Care’ Facebook Page and ask focused questions of the community crowdsource some answers to those questions that you can’t ask your crew.
  • Post photos from your amazing workdays or events.
  • Share this website (and others) to help promote the idea of women in tree care.
  • Write more articles (and share photos) from the perspective of women in the tree care industry.

Thanks, as always, to the ongoing support of TCIA’s PACT Partner ServicePro.